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Book Now! Spaces are limited.

Summer 2024 - All camps will meet at Mill Valley Middle School! 

Surfing and Skating made easier. Because we love you!

Surf, skate, create with the girls! 

4-Day Surf Camps, 4-day Skate camps, and our epic 5-day SURF/SKATE/ART camp. 

To Book: 

1) Go to the camp you are interested in

2) All Camps start in June

3)Click the Monday of the week, you can also see in the calendar that each camp starts on a Monday. Simply click that and book! 

3)Share with your friends!

(IF promocode isn't automatic, feel free to type it in 'EarlyShredder' goes til March 21st for 10%off)


What to Expect:

  • Balance Mastery: Learn the art of finding your center on the board, crucial for riding waves with confidence and control.

  • Lil's Cruizie Yoga: Experience a unique blend of yoga designed specifically for surfers, enhancing flexibility, strength, and focus.

  • Safety First: Dive into the ocean with confidence as we prioritize safety measures, ensuring a secure and enjoyable surfing experience.

  • Endurance Building: Surfing requires stamina. Our lessons include exercises to enhance your endurance, so you can catch more waves and enjoy longer sessions in the water.

  • Mindfulness Practices: Immerse yourself in the present moment and connect with the ocean on a deeper level through mindfulness techniques incorporated into our lessons.

  • Board Skills: From paddling techniques to mastering turns and maneuvers, we cover the essential board skills that will elevate your surfing game.


Who: Ages 7-15

What: slow paced skate camp, learn how to skate, hang with the girls, express yourself, deepen body and mind awareness through skateboarding. This camp hangs out at Mill Valley Middle School Skate Park. 

Cost: $575


Who: Ages 7-15

What: Combination Week is so much fun! Learn the sports or increase your skills. We’re here to have fun while navigating taking care of our selves and others in the parks and water!

Cost: $600


Mini SKATE CAMP (limited space of 8, EVERYBODY WELCOME):

Who: Ages 7-13

What: Half Day, meeting at Mill Valley Middle School skate park, no carpool, just a fun way to hang out at the skate park supervised with guided lessons.

Cost: $475 

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