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Our online booking platform has not been working properly.

If you are interested in signing up for camps please email

Payments can be made through venmo (@ladiesshred) or cash! 

If you have a group already, email 

What to Expect:

  • Balance Mastery: Learn the art of finding your center on the board, crucial for riding waves with confidence and control.

  • Lil's Cruizie Yoga: Experience a unique blend of yoga designed specifically for surfers, enhancing flexibility, strength, and focus.

  • Safety First: Dive into the ocean with confidence as we prioritize safety measures, ensuring a secure and enjoyable surfing experience.

  • Endurance Building: Surfing requires stamina. Our lessons include exercises to enhance your endurance, so you can catch more waves and enjoy longer sessions in the water.

  • Mindfulness Practices: Immerse yourself in the present moment and connect with the ocean on a deeper level through mindfulness techniques incorporated into our lessons.

  • Board Skills: From paddling techniques to mastering turns and maneuvers, we cover the essential board skills that will elevate your surfing game.

We will meet at Good Earth in Mill Valley, except for July 29th

Carpool is included for surf/skate/create weeks


Who: Ages 7-15

What: slow paced skate camp, learn how to skate, hang with the girls, express yourself, deepen body and mind awareness through skateboarding. This camp hangs out at Mill Valley Middle School Skate Park. 

Cost: $525


- July 8th - OPEN


-Mini Skate Camp (9:30-1pm, July 15th, 4-days) - OPEN


Who: Ages 7-15

What: Combination Week is so much fun! Learn the sports or increase your skills. We’re here to have fun while navigating taking care of our selves and others in the parks and water! Car pool included. Meeting at Mill Valley Middle School. 

Cost: $585

Monday (Mill Valley) & Wednesday (Bolinas Skate Park) - Skate Days

Tuesday & Thursday (Stinson Beach - Calle Del Embarcadero) - Surf Days

Friday - create a camp shirt together and other art projects


-June 17th - OPEN

-June 24th - OPEN

-July 15th - OPEN

-July 22nd - FULL- waitlist

-July 29th - FULL - waitlist

CIT (Councilor in training) open to girls 14 years old and up. 50% off on camps, email Lil for more details.

If you'd like to join me for a week of surf, I will be helping my friends at Pacific Coast Surf Lessons the first two weeks of August.

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