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Join Ladies Shred for mindful lessons. Learn the board sports in a gentle approach. 

Use promocode "Iloveskating" to receive $25 off when you book three or more Skateboarding lessons!

Kids, Teens, and Adult Classes.

Very chill lessons. Learn about the ocean or the skate park, connect with your body. Enjoy the great outdoors. 

Set up a lesson with me or one of my other lovely lady instructors. 

Go from not knowing a thing about these sports.. to knowing too much. 

Lessons are a fabulous way to not hurt yourself. We really focus on safety here. How to fall, how to jump.. there's ways to stay very safe and contained in these sports. 

Part of safety too is learning about the body. You have to know about your body to skate and surf. Shall we connect?! 

Lastly, not all lessons are held at skate parks, sometimes it's most beneficial to start on flat ground. 

There is an infinite amount to learn about these sports.. so let dive into it! 

Kids, teens, adults, toddlers and parents. 

All are welcome to try. 

Please reach out to me if you'd like scholarships or any financial assistance. 

I love you all and believe surfing and skateboarding should be for everyone. With that being said I also believe that my instructors and myself deserve a living wage to keep this beautiful business and community space open! 

We're a small team with big hearts. 

Lessons for skateboarding are available starting February 2024. 

Lessons for surfing are available Monday- Friday early sessions or sunset surfs! 

Private Lessons up to three students are available 

Ladies Shred Board Club- 3-6 sessions available Sign up now!

Tuesdays - Skateboarding 4-6pm

Thursdays - Surfing 4-6:45

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