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"My daughter did a few weeks of Ladies Shred summer camp as a shy 7 yr old who was afraid of skateboarding and had never surfed before. This program resulted in her being proud of her self and the progress she achieved on her skateboard. I will never forget her smiling and excited face at pick up each day recounting the fears she had overcome and what her new accomplishments were. She is now a confident little surfer too and that is all thanks to Lil's positive and supportive coaching methods. 

My daughter looks forward to do more of Ladies Shred camp and will be returning this summer for sure."


Lil is an amazing teacher! I gifted my 10 year old niece who lives in a sidewalked, urban area, a  skate lesson with Lil as my niece had played a lot with her skateboard but lacked solid instruction and encourgement. Lil taught her small skate basics in the beginning part of the lesson like how to adjust her skateboard trucks to be more user friendly, skate park etiquette, balance practice drills, physics of momentum while dropping in on steeper areas, and by the end of the lesson had her going down some of the transition areas of the skatepark with newfound confidence and fun. One of the best things to observe was how Lil let her set her own goals for the lesson then achieve them with help and instruction. What my niece got from her lesson was much more than skate advice but instead psychological confidence building blocks that are so important at that age. Thank you Lil!


Ladies shred is the best camp I’ve ever done, Lil is so supportive and a amazing teacher, I can’t wait to go back❤️❤️


Ladies shred is amazing!! Everyone is super supportive and welcoming! It is such a great environment to learn how to skate, especially when you are a girl and the boys don’t give you your turn. I was always looking forward to skate night and it gave me a great foundation to skateboarding. Ladies shred gave me confidence to progress my skating and I wish I were still in California so I could continue skating with this amazing community. Lil will teach you any trick you want to learn and support you all the way. It would be great if we could get a group in Barcelona as well!


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