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Let's Get REAL for a sec...

Financial assistance, physical and financial donations.. 

Where is your money going when you attend or donate to Ladies Shred sessions? 

Firstly, thank you for coming to this page, you're a real one. I want to address money because it's so very important to all of us. 

I have always held in my heart that skateboarding and surfing should be for everyone.. but guess what? It's pricey to get into and keep up with. I know from experience. Over the years the camps and lessons have help fund girls to come to camp for free or a nicely discounted rate! 

I'm so proud that Ladies Shred can be a space for everyone. So please if you need assistance or would like to assist us, reach out!

When you support Ladies Shred you support a small team with big hearts continue to grow this radiant community of important ladies of shred. I will always support my sisters. So please reach out to me @

You can also alwayzzz tap a Venmo donation @ladiesshred

Check out below to see what kind of gently used, or hey new is good too, gear we take. Our gear is used for camps, lessons, and community gatherings so everyone can join regardless of what they got!

We Would Love Your ole Gently used Gear

What We Accept: 

  • Skate Equipment

    • Youth and Adult Pads (wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads) ​

    • Helmets ( preferably with padding still intact inside)

    • Skateboard Completes:

      • Popsicle shape with trucks and wheels is ideal​

      • Surf/Skates 

    • Portable Ramps

      • ​Boxes ​​

      • Quarters

    • Ground Rails

  • Training Equipment:

    • Yoga Mats​

    • Balance Boards

  • Water Bucket for Events

  • Surf Gear

    • Full-Wetsuits (4/3 preferable for this cold water)​

      • Kids sizes 8-16​

      • Any Adult sizes

    • Towels

    • Foam Surf Boards and Boogie Boards are always appreciated!

  • Simple, Plain, Clothes that we upcycle into 'Ladies Shred' gear

TogetherWeShred is a 501.3c organization, your donations can be a tax right off!

We are always looking for community indoor spaces to teach during the winter and rains! If you may know of an opportunity, reach out!

For all inquiries on donations please email

Ladies Shred Gift Card


Give the Gift of Shredding!

You can choose amounts for:
- private lessons, group lessons, camps & more!
Give the Gift of Shredding! You can choose amounts for: - private lessons, group lessons, camps & more!

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