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A community for the Ladies

Ladies Shred is a space for ladies of all ages to find expression through the board sports. Our goal is to encourage the people who don't fit in with fast-paced, throw yourself at it styles. We incorporate patience, practice, slowing down, and emphasizing safety. 


When you join with Ladies Shred you get to be apart of so much more than just a class or camp, you make friends for life! 


Community is our most precious asset. When we work together, we learn so much better. 


LILJA (Lily-uh) - founder of Ladies Shred

Big Dog Surf Camp

2013 & 2014

For two summers I picked up shifts learning how to coach surfing. While I was working for Proof Lab Surf Shop (2012-2017)

Stinson Beach Surf Camp


A full summer of working for Stinson Beach surf camp 

Skate Like a Girl


I was the first volunteer for Skate Like a Girl Bay Area Chapter. Learning teamwork, community outreach, and improving my skateboard instructing skills!

This past August I was hired to coach for the RHS cheer team. In high school I was a competitive, football, and basketball cheerleader year round. 

Coming back to my old high school and giving back to the team that shaped my entire HS experience has been a treat. 

This opportunity better helps me understand how to manage a large team ( 25 athletes ).  


Redwood HS JV Cheer Coach

Corte Madera Recreation


Last Fall I was hired by the CMR to coach their Skateboarding program and their Cheerleading program. 

Ladies Shred

2013- Present

Starting in 2013 I began Ladies only Skate Night. In 2015, I hosted my first skateboarding camp, since then I have hosted 4 other surf, skate, and art camps! I do my best to continue lessons during the spring and fall but mainly focus on school break camps!


Coach Lil is trained in the following certifications: 

- CPR/First Aid 

- Mandated Reporter

- Fundamentals of Coaching 

- Heat Stroke Safety

-Sudden Cardiac Arrest

-Heat Illness Prevention


Skate and Art Coach


Lil & Ava circa 2014 @ Proof Lab Surf Shop

Our first instructor we would like to highlight is Ava Glasgow. 

Ava has been skating since she was 11 years old and started coming to our Ladies Skate Night soon after our first lesson together. 

"I found a beautiful community of supportive skater chicks ( at Ladies Skate Night) that helped me learn without the intimidation of being the only girl at a crowded skate park." 

         - Ava

Ava grew up on a sailboat at the Sausalito working waterfront in the only Co-Op of Sausalito. She has a passion for food and enjoys cooking for family, friends, and the community at People's Park. 

This past summer Ava was apart of the 5th annual Ladies Shred: Surf / Skate / Create camp. Besides being an awesome coach, Ava has some amazing artistic skills. We have her website posted below if you'd like to check out some of her work!

Her dedication to the Ladies Shred Community has been a pure delight to anyone who meets this funny, gentle, and patient human. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 4.55.41 PM.png


Our Ladies Skate Night Leader

Katie has been co-hosting skate night at Proof Lab with Lil for 5 years, she now hosts the night on her own!

When Katie is in her mid fifties now and started skating at 40, inspired by her kids and friends who were having so much fun. She started very slowly. She learned how to push and tictac as a kid but she felt sorely out of shape. Through her commitment to have fun her skills have skyrocketed along with her passion. She gets joy for making small achievements for herself both physically and mentally as well as watching others do the same. We at Ladies Shred are stoked to have her with us.


Surf Instructor and vibe master

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 12.28.35 PM.png

Hi, my name is Keanna! I am currently a student working towards my public health and registered nursing degree and love to spend my free time traveling, exploring, camping, and being outdoors. I first got into surfing when I was 12 years old and decided to join my friends at their week of surf camp. I instantly fell in love with the feeling that surfing and the community surrounding it brings. The challenge and the environment always intrigued me, knowing that there's always something new to learn. Surfing has taught me much more than how to stand up on a board, but rather life skills that I have taken with me throughout life’s obstacles and new experiences.

One of the most important skills learned through surfing is the confidence that it builds and the friendships it flourishes. When I was first learning how to surf, there were very few female role models and programs that helped integrate females into this mostly male-dominated sport.

Lil was one of the first females that took me under her wing to show me the world of surfing and skating in a way that gave females a chance to feel comfortable and learn new skills in an inclusive environment. I have now been teaching surfing for 7 years and do my best to pass along the lessons of inclusivity,positivity, and respect for yourself, others, and the environment that I have learned. Ladies Shred embodies all the aspects of surfing and skating that I love while teaching young females to build their own confidence while learning how to build up everyone around them as well. 

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