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Join our 4-day teen week

August 14th-17th

Monday- Thursday 9:30-3:30

Ages 12-16

Our days look like this:

Meet at Good Earth at 9:30am

Arrive at Calle Del Embarcadero 10:15am

Bring gear to beach

Hop into wetsuits

Chat about surf etiquette, safety, board knowledge, different kinds of surfing and water play!

First Water Session 

 - body boarding, body surfing, and surfing!


Reapply sunscreen

Second Session

Back in the van by 3pm

Good Earth Pick up at 3:30








-connection to nature

Our days will consist of exploring surfing, calming our minds, and taking care of our bodies. We will also discuss how to grow your flexibility practice, dealing with crowds, and most importantly sisterhood. 

Now is the time to instill regular self-care practices with our teens, healthy self-talk, and working through fears.

A surfer will need the following:

- a wetsuit (We may also be able to loan one out upon request)

- towel


- change of clothes

-sunscreen (preferably Zinc, this stays on better in the ocean)

- Hat


-changing towel


- body board

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