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Surf / Skate / Art



Pick Up & Drop off - For Carpooling

@ Good Earth - on Shoreline Highway

in Tam Junction

front parking lot


Monday - Thursday

Drop off 9:30am same place /

Pick up ~ 3:00pm same place


 1:00pm pick up from Corte 
Madera Skate Park 




Monday & Wednesday Schedule

Skate Days!

Monday -Hamilton (Novato) & Harrison (MV) Skate Park

Wednesday - Bolinas Skate Park  

We start our day with stretching, discussing goals and setting intentions for the day.

Part of skateboarding and surfing is balance and flexibility training (these are crucial, we must know how to take care of our bodies throughout our process of building our board skills!)

During the day at camp you can learn and improve a whole lot, we are here to support your board confidence.



Tuesday & Thursday Schedule

Surf Days!

Stinson Beach; Calle Del Embarcadero off of Calle del Arroyo

Group discussion session; balance/flexibility training, pop-up practice, ocean safety talk, goal and intention setting.

Ocean time ~ which will include: swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, and surfing.

Lunch at noon

Round 2 of ocean time ~ which will include: swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, or surfing.

No need to fear, we are here to teach you how to be in the ocean! At Ladies Shred we take our time and encourage slow practice to ensure safety and bravery.


Friday Schedule

Corte Madera Town Park

Meet 9:45am - CMTP

Pick up 1pm - CMTP

Check-ins and stretch

 Set up a creation station with spray paint and tie-dye

We’ll be spending the day creating a camp shirt for each person! This is our chill day.

Pricing / Ages / Availability

Age: 7-13

Max number of participants: 10

Cost: $500 per week

Join our CIT program -

Ages: 14-17 C.I.T (councilor in training)

Only 2 openings each week

Cost: $350


- must have skill in surfing or skating

- must be open to learning how to coach

- must be 14 or up


(cost is not broken down by days, please discuss with Lil if you cannot make a day or refer to our refund and cancelation policy)


What to bring ~


Skate days -

helmet, pads, skateboard, lunch, sunscreen, hat (just incase), water-bottle

Surf Days -

FULL 4/3 wetsuit, water-bottle, towel, lunch, sunscreen (zinc is best), hat, sunglasses, layers of clothing ( weather shifts quickly), plastic bag for wet wetsuit

Create Day -

lunch, hat, layers, white shirt or something you'd like to print a 'Ladies Shred' stencil on (clothing you’re willing to get messy)

Please be mindful that the gear we loan is out of kindness of donations, we may not have all sizes.

We are happy to loan out gear.. but gear is limited.


Financial Support available,

don't hesitate to reach out

By supporting Ladies Shred you are giving the gift of Shred to those who cannot afford.

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