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'Get It Girl' Empowerment Workshops

Holding Space for Our Girls

 A space for the girls in our community to be heard, grow confidence, and practice self-love through gratitude, anonymous sharing, peer and coach support, creativity, and movement. 

Our First Get-It-Girl Empowerment Workshop (7th & 8th Grader Girls)
Our First Get-It-Girl Empowerment Workshop (7th & 8th Grader Girls)
Intro to gratitude, self-esteem, self-care, girl power, girl circle. This is an intro to our upcoming 8-week course.
Jun 04, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ALL Girls Should Be Girls!

Created by Jessie Freeman and Lilja Dwyer

We are here to show our girls some REAL support. 

Being a girl is hard, being human is hard.

What better way to connect and learn about ourselves than empowerment classes!

Here is what they are going to look like: 

Discussion Topics

  • Gratitude Circle - what is gratitude and why is it important?  Introduction to gratitude journals

  • Self Esteem -  sharing and conversations around how to improve outlook on self worth

  • Validation & Connection - various exercises to promote feelings of being seen and heard

  • Peer Pressure - how to talk about various topics and tools for effective group communication 

  • Vision Boarding - create positive affirmations in a visual setting

  • Self Care - what does this mean to you? What are some beautiful ways to show yourself you love YOU?

  • Action Learning 

  • Nutrition and Health - moving bodies, exercises around where we hold pain


*Curriculum will be flexible to what our girls want to focus on most out of a curated collection of topics that we will have them choose at the end of each class for the following week

Workshops will include: 

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Art supplies

  • Take Home Handouts

This workshop does not require any outside work unless our students feel called to do so (in a creative way). This is a stress-free, let's talk about our feelings, and work through limiting beliefs together!

We open our sessions to allow our girls to bring up what they want to talk about. 

We will be setting up sign-up sheets and forms. So please email us if you are interested. 

Dates and times coming soon!


Meet The Team


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