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Over the past year, I have come back to my roots as a cheerleader. No joke. 

I spent my high school years as a seasonal and competitive cheerleader. 

I was lucky enough to lead my old team as the head JV Coach for Redwood High School and have run eight cheer classes so far for Corte Madera Rec. 

You probably would never guess it, but it's true. I love cheer and believe it's a HUGE girl empowerment and confidence booster, regardless.

Pom Poms

Cheerleading 101

2092    Cheerleading 101 for 3rd - 6th Graders     Fall / Winter - 2023

2093    Cheerleading 101 1st-3rd Graders     Fall / Winter - 2023



2094    Cheerleading 102 4th-6th Graders     Fall / Winter - 2023

2095    Cheerleading 103 7th-8th graders     Fall / Winter - 2023



Celebrate with Cheer!

Learn basic  moves, cheers and a short dance. 

Age - 6 years and up (This is for adults too!!) 

No skill necessary 

How it goes: 

-warm ups (classic cheer warm ups)

- Learn foundational arm moves

-learn 3 cheers

- Four- eight count dance (about 30 seconds- 1 minute)

- Get LOUD!

$250/ 2 Hours

up to 8 cheerleaders

Additional cheerleaders - $25

Max. 12

Email to schedule or learn more!

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