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Together We Shred

A longgg time coming! An official 501.c3 to hold space for donations and grants so we at Ladies Shred can support our community in bigger ways! 

More info will come as we organize and design some lovely plans. Stay tuned!

What is Together We Shred

Lil has always been inspired to help the world around her and she's sees that vision with in shifting mindset, pushing fear barriers, and bringing community together. 

Together We Shred is an embodiment of that. With goals of creating a physical space where girls, women, or anyone that feels called to join can come learn in a safe and loving environment. It's truly all about the love. 

What we hope to create is inclusivity for everyone. A space to feel at home. 

Through the practice of balance, flexibility, repetition, and commitment ANYONE can shred. 

It is Lil's dream to see an indoor space created in Marin dedicated to exactly that. 

For inquiries, inspirations, donations or anything else please email 

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