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Hop on Board with LADIES SHRED 

Ready to dip your toes in our mysterious Norcal waters, easily flow on any board,
free your inhibitions? 
Well, feel the rain on your skin and look no further than Ladies Shred – your new haven for radically silly and soft surfin' and skatin' 
A vibrant space bringing  girls & women together to learn, grow, and thrive within ourselves and with each other.  
We practice a whole lot of gettin' comfy with each movement so you can thrive on your own. Our goal is to get you to your next level or simply enjoy where we're at.. together!

 Lets Shred!

(If you caught the "Unwritten" reference this is the place for you. Reach out to for collabs, clips for the gram, work/volunteer opportunities, or if you just wanna tell her how cool she is. Admiration is welcome) 

It was a typical rainy day in Tam Junction ,2011, when I first discovered a beautiful lil' surf and skate shop which included an indoor skate park. I couldn't believe how cool it was.. I wanted to be that kind of cool.. I was a cheerleader who had barley touched a board and never once gave putting on a stanky-tight wetsuit a second thought.

What I would call a sneaky lil gremlin of a thought popped into my head.. maybe i should get a job there. Maybe I should most definitely learn how to skate and surf... haha. 

Well as it turns out they needed someone to sweep the floors and clean the toilets. And it was heaven.

Thursday nights used to host a regular skate night.. mostly dudes. I started going all the time. Dork style on the ramp.. no idea what I was doing.. many, many embarrassing falls in front of very very stunning skateboarders and or probably surfers too. Why not, I thought, why not just show up and blow up.. and that's the attitude i stuck by. You go, you fall, you get back up.. maybe a couple tears roll down the cheek. Who knows?

The bug, as they say, bit me. It bit the hell out of me. I morphed into a skate/surf RAT. Yes, a filthy obsessive boarder. I could not get enough. And you know what they say too? When you've got so much love for something, you gotta share it.

You gotta spread the love. 

Soooo, that's what I did.

Thus began Friday Night Ladies Night. Primarily just me and maybe another lady.. ha! But eventually the word got out. Praise the Goddess. Ladies started showing up, from all over the bay! And lil girls too. Which created a tremendous need for guidance. 

I had no idea what I was doing. I was 18.. just learning how to really do these sports myself.. but if "gungho!" was a person it would have been me at 18.

I took some lessons with an amazing teacher. He showed me how to explain and then the wonderous spiral of how to explain all things surf and skate.. how does it all really work together??? All these very little parts are coming together in order for one move to happen. 

Oh! and what a beauty it is to have someone explain something so simply and so exact. HaHa I get it. Light bulb. 

And this is what we do here at Ladies Shred. 

Break it down! And now look how the time flies .. . . .. We've now hosted skate night for 11 years at Proof Lab Surf Shop. 6 summers of Ladies Shred Surf, skate, create camps! Women's Surf Retreats in Bolinas. It's amazing what women can do together! YOWW. 

We even made the Marin IJ a couple times (not too shabby) 

Butttt now it's time to think bigger! If you feel inspired to create more space, join us for an epic adventure in surfing, skateboarding, yoga, meditation, visualization, being tough and soft, and oh so much more! 

It's so very important to me that there is always a space for girls and women to feel at home. We need to feel safe. That our feelings are valid and heard. Allow ourselves to be badass and soft. We learn differently than boys but that doesn't mean that we can't keep up with them or even out preform them. 


Much LOVE, 


Lady of Shred



Marin County, CA, USA

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