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Welcome to the
Ladies Shred Space!

A girl-focused and inclusive space for coaching surfing, skateboarding, and yoga inspired for board training in Marin County. 

Diving into topics of self-awareness, patience, community, sharing, creativity, mindfulness, body awareness/acceptance, confidence growth, and sisterhood. 

Feel free to wander and check out what we offer. 

If you have any questions, collaborations, or just want to know more please email

~ Created for the ladies and femmes  in our Marin County community ~

Back in 2012 when I first stepped into the surf and skate scene I felt that the presence of Ladies was lacking. A place for us all to be completely ourselves while diving into sports that are a bit terrifying.


It's always been about team work, community building, and changing a culture that has somewhat casted our Ladies as watchers instead of doers.


Ladies Shred is for everyone, when the Ladies are empowered so are we all.

Whether it's our After School Skateboarding Classes, Adult Classes, Community Events, or our epic SURF/SKATE/CREATE day camps we are dedicated to include who ever wants to join. Though we predominantly cater to girls/ women we LOVE watching everyone rise and progress in these sports.

What you learn with Ladies Shred:

- team work

- etiquette

- balance/flexibility

- how to ride

- how to stop

-how to fall

- safety of the ocean and ramp


Ladies Shred is more than lessons and camps, it's a community of like minded shredders who encourage and cheer each other on.

If you want to be apart of our crew don't hesitate to reach out!





Marin County, CA, USA

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